cannabis for sleep


Sleep is essential for maintaining our mental and physical health, yet it eludes many adults. According to the American Sleep Association 50 to 70 million U.S. adults experience symptoms of a sleep disorder. About 30 percent of the population will experience insomnia at some point in their lives, and about 10 percent of adults will deal with chronic insomnia. So if getting shut-eye is becoming harder and harder, you’re not alone

With so many people experiencing sleeping disorders there’s been a rise of interest in one controversial cure — cannabis. Many in the medical community refer to cannabis as an effective treatment, with little to no side effects, for a range of sleeping disorders “Marijuana is an effective sleep aid because it restores a person’s natural sleep cycle, which so often falls out of sync with our schedules in today’s modern lifestyle

More research on marijuana is coming & this herb  has many different medicinal effects that may work as effectively as other medications, and with much fewer side effects. Despite their ubiquity, sleeping pills carry serious side effects like amnesia and sleepwalking (or even sleep-driving)

With opioids, patients can develop tolerance that leads to higher doses and even death by overdose, when the drug tells the respiratory centers of the brain to turn off — and the body stops breathing. Cannabis does not act like sleeping pills, which are hypnotic drugs. Instead, it is an agent that reduces symptoms that interfere with sleep, such as pain, anxiety or urinary frequency

Angela Colandrea