cannabis is medicine


1 medicine for 15 problems not 15 medicines for 1! We live in a time “Where there’s a pill for that” but why did we start accepting that was it. Better options for neurological patients suffering seizures, something for chemo patients getting nauseous from treatment & suffering appetite loss, more outlets for pain management due to chronic life long pain.  Taking a pill for every ailment we feel can also mean a longer list of bigger problems and more trips to the pharmacy down the line.  Anti-depressants ( i.e. Zoloft ), Sleep aids (  i.e. Ambien ), Stimulants ( i.e. Adderall ) Anti-Anxiety ( i.e. Xanax ) Pain Killers ( i.e. Vicodin ). These 5 types of pharmaceuticals can be replaced with cannabis, treating the same symptoms with less side effects!! So why don’t more people know about this possibility!?! A healthier option that isn’t openly on the table for all?!? Hmm 🤔 But why?

Angela Colandrea